Dec 10th

Today we are artists

Mei Xiang - Smithsonian National Zoo

Panda says that I need to get going and start painting like Mei Xiang here.  She lives at the National Zoo. I generally like to procrastinate by thinking about cleaning my house. Sometimes Panda begins cleaning in an effort to encourage me to help. After a few minutes, though, when he realizes that I still haven’t moved, he usually gets distracted by the bamboo patch in the backyard, which allows me to continue pretending like I’ll clean and paint afterward.

Today, however, Panda seems more insistent. I think it’s his recent discovery that all sorts of animals, including pandas, can paint too. Thanks a lot, National Zoo. I imagine that he’s going to want to try out his artistic abilities once I get everything set up.

So, as soon as I finish this gingerbread latte, I’ll pick up a brush. And just as I suspected, Panda informed me that he’s going to paint a Christmas tree and that he wants me to post the results when he’s finished ….